Alchemixt in HearthStats Challenger League

BY Andrew Miesner / January 19, 2015

by Sören ‘Fantasy’ Vendsahm

It took the Hearthstone scene a while to get back in shape and out of the holiday spirit. With most of the big tournaments, LAN events and competitions taking an extended break and planning their return for the later weeks of January, the ESL Legendary Series was the only thing going on for a while. Now this is about to change as the tournaments prepare to be stacked again.

Kicking things off this Monday is the HearthStats Challenger League. For the entire week the event will take center stage and grab the attention of the Hearthstone scene, as some of the best players in the world are fighting for their spot in the HearthStats Champions League. Until that goal is reached, 40 players have to grind their way through a grueling Swiss tournament for a spot in the Champions League qualifier.

For compLexity Gaming, talents are involved on both sides of the action. North American standout Dan ‘Alchemixt’ Walton will showcase his skill and talent on the table, while Kacem ‘Noxious’ Khilaji will talk the viewers through the plays alongside Lothar and Callum Leslie as his colleagues in the casting booth.

Alchemixt has his work cut out for him, as the NA star has to fight his way through known and unknown gems of the Hearthstone community for a return to the Champions League. Over the course of six days, the competition will rage on with a Swiss tournament slicing down the numbers from 40 to 24, until finally bringing it down to 16 to fill up the Champions League Qualification bracket. Along the way plenty of notable stars will join the journey, such as Hyped, Rdu, TiddlerCelestial, DTwo, ThijsNL, Faramir, Greensheep and Lifecoach. Right out of the gate Alchemixt will have to battle against Archon’s newest recruit XiXo, followed by a meeting with PsychoZA and Ryan. The first clash against the young German ladder star will not only kick off the tournament, but also the stream schedule. So tune in to to follow the action and support Alchemixt against XiXo.


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