Blizzard Releases StarCraft II Starter Edition

BY Andrew Miesner / August 4, 2011

Today Blizzard Entertainment released an updated demo of StarCraft II that includes a few more features then the previous demo. Dubbed the ‘Starter Edition,’ this free download allows you access five missions from the single-player campaign, as well as two challenge maps and the ability to play select custom maps (StarJeweled etc.). It is important to note that gamers using the Starter Edition will only be able to play Terran and have access to the melee maps Xel’Naga Cavers, Discord IV, High Orbit, and The Shattered Temple. One huge feature of the Starter Edition is the ability to watch replays, giving newbies a chance to better understand the game before spending their money on it.

Just for clarifications sake, what you won’t have access to is:

  • Ranked games
  • 99% of custom maps
  • All other melee maps, that are not marked by blue star
  • Map publishing
  • Chat channels (chating, creating new chat channels, etc)
  • Protoss and Zerg
  • PTR
  • 10 other challenges
  • 24 another campaign missions
  • FFA
  • Co-op vs AI (autosearch). You can still play with your friend vs AI in available melee maps

This is a great idea from Blizzard. Personally, I have several friends who have come over and watched pro SC2 with me. While they thought the game was interesting, they were put off by the idea of spending $60 on a game with a pretty steep learning curve. Now, thanks to the Starter Edition, they can test the waters before deciding to take the plunge and purchase SC2.

To get your hands on the Starter Edition click here.