Brobocop’s Playhem Adventures

BY Andrew Miesner / January 11, 2012

Every so often it’s important to put a player in the spotlight for the things they do outside of major tournament and league play. For example coL Academy member Brobocop has been making quite a splash in the Playhem Daily tournaments. While these mini-tournaments may not have the same impact as an MLG or GSL, they still are an important way to get player and team names out in the public eye.

Starting chronologically, Brobocop had a strong finish in the North American Playhem tournament on Dec 29th. He fought his way into the RO16, losing out to who went on to win the entire tournament. Looking to start off the New Year with a bang, Brobocop played in the North American Playhem tournament on Jan 1st. This time around he was able to fight his way into the RO4, losing to the Korean Terran TSL_Revival. In the end Brobocop ended up taking 4th place. In the European Playhem tournament on Tuesday Jan 3rd, Brobocop fought his way into the round of 8 eventually losing out to the German Protoss LoCo.

We at the compLexity academy are very proud of Brobocop’s results. With continued training we have no doubt that Brobocop will make an even bigger name for himself as well as the compLexity Academy. To see what I mean, tune into his live stream and see what he is truly capable of.