coL.Academy vs. LaGTT Gaming – ESEA

BY Andrew Miesner / December 16, 2011

Last night the compLexity Academy took on LaGTT Gaming in the ESEA Open StarCraft II League. With a score of 3-1 the coL Academy overcame their opponents, bringing their record to 7-5. This time it was Brobocop, Nineteen, Nocreativity and Goswser taking the field.

The results of tonight’s match were:
Brobocop vs. LaGTTbeezy 2-1
Nocreativity vs. LaGTTExoticA 2-1
 NineteenSC2 vs.  LaGTTcuhz 2-1
Goswser vs. LaGTTphiers 0-2

This win was very important for the coL Academy as it means that our boys are currently tied for 8th place, the last playoff spot. There are still two regular season matches before the playoffs begin, so in order to keep their spot the coL Academy is going to have to continue training as hard as ever. Unfortunately their last two opponents have yet to be announced.

Be sure to keep an eye out for updates as the Academy gears up to to take on another team next week, hopefully securing their playoff spot. With continued practice and dedication, there’s no doubt that our players can make the playoffs.