coL and Present The 2v2 Masters Weekly Series

BY Andrew Miesner / August 16, 2011

The 2v2 scene in StarCraft II is now starting to pick up. First there was the 2v2 round in the EG Masters Cup. Then there is the recently announced PTSL. Now compLexity Gaming is getting in on the action with the new 2v2 Masters Weekly series.

compLexity, working in conjunction with, will be bringing you a 2v2 tournament starting today at 8:30 PM EST and continuing every following Wednesday at the same time. Casting will be provided by -orb- and the stream starts up at 10:00 PM EST. Only the RO8 and beyond will be casted.

The best part about this series is that it’s not reserved for the pros.

You and your partner must constitute a Masters 2v2 team together! You cannot simply both be in Masters 2v2 (with other partners or random teams). Exceptions will be made if both members of a team are at the Masters or Grandmasters level in 1v1.

In order to sign up, just create an account with your partner on

The map pool consists of:

  • High Orbit
  • Discord IV
  • Monlyth Ridge
  • Scorched Haven
  • The Ruins of Tarsonis
  • Tempest
  • The Boneyard
  • Tyrador Keep
  • Twilight Fortress

For all the details on how to enter and where to check out the action click here.