compLexity Academy Expulsion Tournament

BY Andrew Miesner / September 12, 2011

The compLexity Academy frequently changes players and keeps the best, while looking for new talent. To find the new talent on our limited roster of ten, we have to make room. Unfortunately that means some players will have to face expulsion. The bottom three players based on points will be the three that are eliminated. The current point standings are as follows:

Player list and Seedings
1.   Lizzuma [58] (Safe)
2.   Gensulitor [44] (Safe)
3.   Goswser [36] (Safe)
4.   Brobocop [34]
5.   Cheech [32]
6.   Lagragian [26]
7.   Strength [25]
8.   Fallen [23]
9.   Damncats [21]

The players who are not safe will be participating the Expulsion Tournament where, as stated before, the bottom three will be released from the Academy. The players in the Academy have put a lot of time and effort into their Starcraft lives. They all want to be at the top, and this is just another way to prove who wants it more. 


Best of luck to all participants as some embark into their final journey with compLexity, while others will get another shot in the Academy.