compLexity SC2 signs TriMaster

BY Andrew Miesner / June 27, 2011

On behalf of the Syndicate, we are proud to announce the latest addition to the compLexity Gaming Starcraft II roster, in Joshua “TriMaster” Niven. Joshua is an up and coming Terran player and is on his way to becoming the next shining star in the SC2 community.

Paulo “CatZ” Vizcarra had this to say about the acquisition of TriMaster:


Im really glad about the addition of TriMaster to our squad.  I’ve always taken pride in scouting for potential and TriMaster has a TON of it.  I was eliminated by him two MLGs ago, and to be honest I wasn’t impressed but I played him a few weeks ago and I was VERY impressed with his level of improvement in such a short time. Since then, I had him play many good players like Destiny (who he 3-0’d in practice) and Cruncher who he broke almost even with. He still has a lot of potential ready to explode and I think that with the help of experienced Terrans like Drewbie and Stalife and the practice he’ll be getting from the rest of us, Josh will be able to maximize that potentialI am confident that he will become one of the best Terran’s out there.


The addition of TriMaster makes the coL.SC2 roster:

Paulo “CatZ” Vizcarra
 Sung “Stalife” Min Park 
 Victor “Antimage” Poon 
 Sam “FireZerg” Prowse
Ryan “Ryan” Rushia
Julian “rsvp” Xu
Abdulaziz “CrunCher” Abed
Brendon “Ryze” Walker
Andrew “drewbie” Moysey
Chad “Minigun” Jones
Jung Ho “DdoRo” Moon
Joshua “TriMaster” Niven

Please join us in welcoming Joshua to the family!