CrunCher vs July – NASL

BY Andrew Miesner / May 5, 2011

Post Game:

Game 1: Xel’naga Caverns
July opened with the standard Speedling into fast expand, ensuring that he could hold off some early pressure. CrunCher on the other hand decided to go for a fast Stargate, pumping out a few Void Rays. Using these Voids, CrunCher began to take the map harassing any scouting Overlords and eventually worked his way into July’s natural. There, he did some substantial damage, taking out several Drones pretty early in the game. While this harrassment was going on, CrunCher took his natural expansion and started on Robo tech. Once he knew Voids were on the map, July got his Layer up and began making Hydralisks. Once he beat back the Void harassment, July went into berserk mode, cranking out Zerglings and Hydras for some pressure of his own. Because CrunCher focused on getting those Void Rays out so early, he was lacking in a substantial ground army. This was a critical mistake allowing July to do some major damage. CrunCher eventually held it off, but essentially lost his entire army. July, seeing that CrunCher was going for Robo tech now, switched up his own tech path and began making Mutas and Corrupters. July went in for a second push and was just too powerful for CrunCher,  forcing him to gg.

Game 2: Shattered Temple
July again opened up with the Speedling fast expand build, while CrunCher went with a Forge fast expand. Unfortunately for CrunCher he was playing on the MLG version Shattered Temple, which has a neutral lowered Supply Depot at the ramp. This Depot blocked where the first Pylon of the wall off needs to go, meaning that CrunCher had to improvise his building placement. Because of this, his first Cannon was position too far to the right, allowing Zerglings to run by to harass the expansion. From here on July kept cranking out Zerglings allowing him to easily run over what scant defenses CrunCher was able to field.

Obviously, this wasn’t CrunCher’s best showing. July is now 3-1 in the NASL, where as CrunCher has fallen to 1-3. Don’t count CrunCher out just yet. He still has three more games in the NASL and is more determined than ever to win them.

NASL – Week 4

Tonight, compLexity’s CrunCher will be going toe to toe with the Brood War Legend and GSL Code S player StarTale July. Known for his extremely aggressive Zerg style, July is looking to go up to 3-1 in the NASL. Don’t count CunCher out yet, though. His safe, defensive style might be enough to stop July in his tracks.

The match is set to begin at 9PM EST.


North American Star League – CrunCher vs July


Location: TN, USA
Team: CompLexity



Location: Korea
Team: Startale


Time: 9:00PM EST
Maps: Best of Three