Ex-coL DotA player in Valve documentary

BY Andrew Miesner / September 22, 2011

Clinton “Fear” Loomis, a former DotA player for compLexity Gaming and current member of Online Kingdom is currently being filmed by documentary film makers representing Valve. There are no specifics regarding the movie, however it is expected to be a film designed to promote eSports. Loomis was named as the only North American to be featured in the documentary. Four other gamers have been selected for the documentary and are from China, Singapore, Denmark and the Ukraine.

Loomis and his PluG Pullers Inc. team merged with compLexity Gaming in early 2006. The team managed to become one of North America’s best as well as one of the only sponsored DotA teams at the time.

More information about Chris Loomis and the Valve gaming documentary can be found by clicking here.