FXO Sends ChoyafOu to MLG Anaheim

BY Andrew Miesner / July 5, 2011

Today it was annnounced that another Korean player will be attending MLG Anaheim, however this player is not part of the MLG/GSL League Exchange Program. Hyung Seop ‘Choya’ Lee, the player/coach from team fOu is being sent to Anaheim by the international team FXOpen.

According to Joshua Dentrinos, Esports Manager of FXOpen:


Whilst in Korea, I have made alot of friends, alot of foes, and alot of neutrals. ChoyafOu has been one of those people who have really made an impression on me personally, and I felt it my duty to pay him back and hopefully give him a good impression of not only myself, but foreign e-sports in general. I felt it my duty to pay him back for his personal hospitality. So, in return for his hospitality with me personally, I have decided to fly him to MLG Anaheim, to play with the FXO team and the foreigners and koreans that are participating in MLG Anaheim.

Choya will be sporting a FXO jersey with ChoyafOu on the back, however this does not mean he has join the FXOpen team. This is “merely a gesture to show his appreciation for me sending him to MLG.”

While Choya hasn’t been doing the best in the GSL recently, he did managed to fight his way back into Code A after dropping down to Code B last season. The pinnacle of his career, so far, was during GSL Open Season 3 where he knocked out Team Liquid’s Jinro in the quarter finals. While his results may not be on par with someone like IMNesTea or oGsMC, remember that SlayerSMMA won MLG Columbus despite being knocked out of Code A in GSL July.