MVP Wins GOMtv’s GSTL Season 1

BY Andrew Miesner / October 8, 2011

Last night marked the first finals of GOMtv’s Global StarCraft II Team League. In a thrilling best-of-9 that can only be described as epic, the team Prime.WE took on our partners at MVP. With first place taking home 30,000,000 KRW (~$28,000 USD), it should come as that both teams gave it their all.

Ultimately MVP took home the championship with a score of 5-3. The hero of the night was MVP.Noblesse, who managed to take down three Prime.WE players; Check, Terious and Creator (who all-killed TSL in the GSTL semi-finals). It was somewhat surprising that fans didn’t get a chance to see the extremely popular Zerg MVP.DongRaeGu play, however when you have such strong Terrans like Noblesse and Keen you don’t always need to bring out the “closer.”

If you missed the GSTL finals, you can watch the VODs on, however there is a subscription fee. For $24.99 you get access to three months worth of Team League matches, an easily justifiable fee when considering the quantity and quality of matches. If you missed out the GSTL, do yourself a favor and buy a pass to the VODs; you’ll be able to watch some of the best StarCraft II ever played.