NASL Season 2 Map Pool Revealed

BY Andrew Miesner / August 6, 2011

With Season 2 kicking off at the end of this month, The North American Star League has been making some important announcements. Today the NASL revealed the map pool for the upcoming season.

The maps that will be featured in Season 2 include:

  • Shattered Temple
  • Xel’Naga Caverns
  • Crevasse
  • Tal’Darim Altar
  • Metalopolis
  • Terminus
  • Antiga Shipyard
  • Dual Sight
  • Bel’Shir Beach

As you’d expect from a large StarCraft II league some of the maps have had some minor adjustments made to them for balancing reasons. “Terminus and Tal’Darim Altar both have had rocks added at their thirds, while Metalopolis now has rocks at the gold expansion. Antiga Shipyard, Metalopolis, and Shattered Temple all are forced into cross positions.”

What do you guys think about these map? Are there any you are surprised about? What about the maps that were excluded? It seems that a lot of these are from the GSL. Do you guys think that the GSL will continue to be a trend setter in terms of map pool? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.