Santa Monica, California

BY Andrew Miesner / September 29, 2011

Santa Monica, CA.

Today, Chad “minigun” Jones from coL.SC2 makes his way to Santa Monica, California for the Red Bull LAN this weekend. Chad will be participating in a 10 hour-per-day training program with 12 other top SC2 talents from across the world.

The following SC2 players will be in attendence:

Choi “Bomber” Ji Sung
Kevin “QXC” Riley
Sascha “Goody” Lupp
Steven “Destiny” Bonnell
Joseph “Ret” de Kroon
Paul-David “Slush” Page
Shawn “Sheth” Simon
Aleksey “White-rA” Krupnuk
Tyler “Tyler” Wasieleski
Giacomo “Socke” Thus
Chad “Minigun” Jones

Below is the official event breakdown from Red Bull:

Twelve of the world’s best StarCraft II players (four from each of the game’s races — terran, protoss, and zerg) will join three of the league’s most dominant Halo: Reach teams in one of competitive gaming’s most sought-after training programs. For 10 hours each day over three days, some of the sharpest minds and fastest fingers in the world will gather at an innovative training facility developed by Red Bull to broaden their skills and prepare for their upcoming professional gaming competitions.

While the Red Bull LAN is closed to spectators, the event will be streamed live each night for six hours. Fans of eSports competition in both StarCraft II and Halo: Reach will be able to get an up close and personal view of their favorite gamers’ progress throughout this extensive training weekend with individual point-of-view options for each participating player.

Red Bull LAN


To catch all of the action, tune into the LIVE stream at



We’d like to wish Chad the best of luck in his travels as well as during the Red Bull LAN.