00 to Back2Back

BY Andrew Miesner / July 5, 2009

After Grid05 parted with Back2Back in a controversial parting, Back2Back has acquired 00(iDemise). 00 is currently sitting in second place behind compLexity, heading into the lan finals.

The upcoming events for Back2Back are, WCG Quiver Shoot-Out, LethalGamers and ESEA Playoffs. 00 was one of the few teams not sponsored. With this pickup the team will be able to compete in the events they would like too.

Ric ‘iNERTiA’ Bundy had this to say:

“We look forward to representing them in the upcoming events (WCG Quiver Shoot-Out, LethalGamers, and ESEA Playoffs) as they are a new up and coming organization and building a foundation for the fans/spectators.”

Back2Back 1.6:

United States Ric ‘iNERTiA’ Bundy
United States Alex ‘hazard’ Martins
United States Nazar ‘steno’ Vynnytsky
United States Joe ‘perez’ Perez
United States David ‘zid’ Chin

Source: GotFrag