About Complexity

Established in 2003, Complexity is one of America’s premier and longest standing esports organizations. Over the past 20 years, Complexity has won over 140 championships in nearly 30 games. In 2017, founder and current CEO Jason Lake made history by welcoming Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and investor John Goff to the team’s ownership. With unparalleled support and infrastructure from its ownership group, Complexity has created the world’s foremost operations center and training facilities. Complexity’s player-first mentality, passion, professionalism, and innovation have led them to be recognized as a global leader in modern esports.

This is our game

We are Players first, and Players always.

We defy the odds with passion and dispel stereotypes with integrity.

We are fearless, adventurous, defiant and unstoppable.

We are the pioneers of next. We are the future they’re afraid of. We are the wave they can’t escape. We belong to a complex generation raised and nurtured by the Game.

We exist for the Players. The fans. The innovators. The rebels. The outliers.

This is our movement. Our culture. Our time.

This is our Game.


To contact us, please email us directly at one of the following emails:

GENERAL: [email protected]
SALES: [email protected]
PRESS: [email protected]
INFORMATION: [email protected]
APPAREL/RETAIL: [email protected]
CAREERS: [email protected]

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