4Kings Changes

BY Andrew Miesner / March 31, 2009

The 4Kings organization revealed yesterday that they will not be taking their normal roster to the i-36 competition. Carlos “dumbazo” Garçia will not be able to attend due to “personal reasons”. His replacement will be Team CoolerMaster’s George “hudzG” Hoskins.

Team CoolerMaster’s will not be attending the competiion so it was an easy decision for 4Kings to pick up such a high calibre player and someone who has played with two of the current players on the 4Kings roster.

Jack “Callisto” Mason had the following to say about the switch:

Sadly, Carlos informed us a few days ago that he couldn’t make it to i-36 due to real life commitments. Obviously we’re gutted he couldn’t get there, but we will be taking big hudzG as a replacment for i-36. George is a great temporary replacement for Carlos, as I’m sure most would agree. He knows most of our strats anyway as we mix and play with him frequently so its all good in the hood. Roll on the tournament.


Roster for i-36:

James “Pez” Perrott
Henry “HenryG” Greer
Eamon “cauzed” Drea
Jack “Callisto” Mason
George “hudzG” Hoskins

Source: Cadred