4Kings PickUp Appe

BY Andrew Miesner / February 5, 2009

4Kings has just made a roster switch in bringing on former Übersexuals soldier, Erik “appe” Karlsson. Ironically enough, 4Kings just recently had a match against the Übersexuals team and the end result was less then stellar. Erik comes on the 4Kings.TF2 squad to replace now former soldier John “Abomination” Harrison. 

Appe has been on several notable teams, such as Team Sweden, Excello and Fracture. In last seasons ETF2L he was named best soldier of the season.

The 4Kings.TF2 roster is as follows:

Arto “agron” Gröndahl
Rauli “Darn” Savela
Mikko “Masiina” Vilkkilä
Björn “bybben” Andersson
Ruben “ryb” Ljungdahl
Mickael “Mick” Fernandez
Alexandre “TeoK” Shalit
Erik “appe” Karlsson

Source: Cadred.org