6 Real World Skills Learned from Gaming

BY Andrew Miesner / March 27, 2009

Let’s face it.  Video games don’t have the best reputation out there; especially with adults concerned about their childrens’ development and growth.

However, Gameist has bucked the trend and released an interesting article:

6 Real World Skills You Learned From Videogames


#6: Hand-eye Coordination

Let’s face it.  You might not grow up to be a professional athlete, but a little hand-eye coordination never hurts. 


#5: Business Skills

“Anyone who’s played real time strategy games should be picked for a position ahead of someone who spent four years in business school learning how to be out of touch with reality.

A typical strategy to conquer the protoss or any other race in Starcraft (and eventually Starcraft 2) is to outmine them. The better you are at managing your resources(money), the better you’ll do against everyone else.”


#4: Physics Skills

This one seems like a stretch, but hey with today’s advanced games the youngest players can learn basic physics.


#3: Typing

A big no brainer.  Kids today learn to type years before their parents did.  They live on keyboards and a big reason is gaming.


#2: Teamwork and Leadership

This one is a biggy.  Whether you’re leading a Counter-Strike squad or the bench warmer on a WoW team, the attributes you must learn to succeed are the same ones you must learn in real life.  Leadership, teamwork, human communication and personalities are all things that gaming teaches young minds.


#1: How to Tune Out Obnoxious People

This one is a questionable choice for #1 (#2 seems a better fit) but let’s face it: gaming is full of ignorant, hateful people.  They will make fun of you and put you down.  You need to learn who to tune out and who to respect and developing a thick skin is an unfortunate consequence that might actually come in handy later in life.




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Source: Gameist