A Toast to 3 Years: Jan “superjj” Janßen

BY Andrew Miesner / April 24, 2018

by Sören “Fantasy” Vendsahm

The world of esports is ever changing and fast-paced. Long-lasting relationships, long-lasting careers and long-lasting success is not a guarantee. Complexity Gaming prides itself on exactly that, being there for players through thick and thin, through transformations and changes. We get players for who they are, not which game they play. Nothing exemplifies that attitude more than our relationship with Jan “superjj” Janßen, who today celebrates his third year with us.

When JJ came to our organization, he came recommended by former player SjoW, as well as then still coL member, Dog. His confidence and plan to grow his stream and the competitive aspect of his journey impressed everyone in compLexity – so we just had to work with him. Three years later, there have been no regrets about our commitment to the young German.

His on-stream and in-tournament persona might have a pinch of salt every now and then, but to everyone in the org he’s turned into a friend. After a promotional trip to the United States, he opted to spend a few weeks at the Dota 2 house down in Florida, to relax with his compLexity brothers.

Outside of that trip, relaxation has always been the weak side of the workaholic. Traveling to a multitude of events, streaming insane hours, sometimes even combining the two and streaming the minute after a tournament exit – JJ has been a hard worker through and through. His work has been rewarded on multiple occasions with several championship trophies to show for it. His breakthrough performance came at SeatStory Cup 4 when Reno Jackson and his Freeze Mage carried him to victory, shortly followed by the Time2Win Invitational title. Later on he added an impressive performance at CN vs. EU Championships of 2016 and collected two more trophies at the Xfinity Hearthstone Invitational II and ultimately the Zagreb Gaming Arena.

Those are just his accomplishments as a solo competitor, as JJ was also an integral part of the compLexity Gaming roster that hoisted the inaugural Trinity Series title back in the spring of 2017. Alongside teammates Crane and Mryagut, he helped his team maneuver every hard turn until the eventual crowning moments after hard-fought wins over Team Liquid, Virtus Pro and Luminosity Gaming.

Once his passion for Hearthstone died, the spark for Gwent was ignited. The new card game offered new opportunities for JJ, not just as a competitor but also as a brand ambassador. Traveling to conventions, being one of the first consistent streamers and ultimately also one of the better competitors in the space, JJ just recently scored a big win at the Gwent Open #3. Being a consistently high point earner on ladder, he broke through the competitive scene and will soon compete for an even bigger title at Gwent Challenger #3 this weekend.

We are sure he will represent us well in Poland and every future endeavor he has his eyes set on. JJ’s been with us as a Hearthstone streamer, a Hearthstone competitor and now a Gwent player. Wherever his journey and ambition takes him, we will be right beside him, giving him a helping hand and having his back!

Thank you very much for three wonderful years!