aAa.cs is no more

BY Andrew Miesner / January 20, 2009

The French organization Against All Authority has decided not to continue with their Counter-Strike team. Last month the team announced that Warren “CosMo” Boisnard and Benjamin “drizzer” Charnet would no longer be a part of the lineup, this was after a total disaster at Ping Arena in Toulouse. Now the organization has decided to remove the rest of the players and close down the whole Counter-Strike section. According to the official announcement the constant roster changes in the team was the main reason for the decision.

With each change, we were given the same speeches, promises carrying hopes, which, however, always brought the results in the long term that we know.

The instability and the continuous feeling to go against the tide made us close the Counter-Strike: 1.6 section today.

-Samy Ouerfelli, aAa owner

Against All Authority have been part of the French scene since 2000 and had their biggest success during the earlier years of counter-strike around 2002.

The three remaining players are:
Rodolphe “Diodel” Verloës
Rémi “loduN” Colas
Rémy “RevZ” Prieur

The rest of the team will continue to play the EPS Finals together with:

Nicolas “Dr. Crow” Vaissaud 
Najim “moderation” Mounib

CosMo and drizzer will also continue to play together, but with another project.