Academy says Farewell to Brobocop and Lagrangian

BY Andrew Miesner / June 11, 2012

Today the compLexity Academy is sad to announce that two of our players, Nick “Brobocop” Harvey and Ke “Lagragian” Li, will be leaving The Academy. Both Nick and Ke have decided to pursue interests outside of StarCraft. Nick will be using his new found free time to focus on his education while Ke has found a full time job. It is important to note that compLexity completely understands their decisions and wishes nothing but the best for them. We also want to thank both Nick and Ke for their time with The Academy.

While it is sad to see two of our players go, there is an up side to this. The compLexity Academy will be holding a tournament to find two players who can fill Nick and Ke’s spot on the roster. As of right now, we at The Academy are still working out all the details on the recruitment tournament. As soon as we have everything worked out, expect to see a post here on the compLexity site, as well as on TeamLiquid and Reddit.