Adastra Returns To Source

BY Andrew Miesner / February 10, 2009

Back in the Summer of 2007 just when Counter-Strike: Source was picking up speed, the Swedish team known as Adastra folded due to unforseen circumstances. With former CGS star Jonas “nordQvist” Nordqvist now in the mix, he has decided to resurrect the organization and bringing with him a slew of talent. 

Players from Team Dignitas, Volt-Gaming and the now defunct Stockholm Magnetik with surprise entry Fredrik “Vizzion” Nilsson who comes out of retirement after over two years.

Team Manager Mats “Mazzah” Pekkari had this to say about the return of the team:

I’m proud to present this lineup of well known experienced players to the css scene. We have been working with this lineup for some time now and we feel that we are now ready to start making our mark on the competitive css scene.

The team is 100% motivated and ready for the mission. All the players in this lineup are also playing for Sweden in the Clanbase Nationscup, most notably n0rdquist who captains Team Sweden.

The following is the lineup for Adasta:

Jonas “nordQvist” Nordqvist
Mathias “maths” Eneström-Jönsson
Andreas “major” Major
Kim “hye” Andersson
Fredrik “Vizzion ” Nilsson