AGP Tour Under New Management

BY Andrew Miesner / January 22, 2010

Just recentely, it has been announced by the AGP Tour that they will be under new management. Gaming admins from an unannounced source have purchased the AGP Tour and have announced plans of expanding the league to include various games such as CoD:MW2, TF2, and WC3.

Our sources have also confirmed the transfer of the domain name to the new owners which means that we will likely see live match broadcasts and video in the future. Below is the official press release from the new organization:


Today, the AGP Tour would like to announce that effective immediately it will be under new management. The new management team will include highly experienced administrators from several different gaming genres. With this change in management, the AGP Tour will be going in a whole new direction to expand its current operations to include more sponsors, games, LAN and online tournaments, and a new structured point system. While more titles are being looked into, you can expect popular game titles like Modern Warfare 2, Team Fortress 2, and WarCraft III to join Quake Live in the Tour.

The new AGP Tour is also planning to go deeper into the gaming community. With that, feedback from the community is always welcomed. If you would like to contact us regarding anything including the games you would like to see in the Tour, please message us through the website (

More information will be announced in the coming weeks. Expect a press release later this week with more details!


More information can be found at the AGP Tour website!