Alchemixt Retires from Competitive Hearthstone

BY Andrew Miesner / April 7, 2015

Today compLexity Gaming is sad to announce the retirement of Hearthstone professional Dan ‘Alchemixt’ Walton. For the past six months, Dan has faithfully represented the compLexity organization, appearing in many tournaments, streaming for his fans, and creating content for the community. We’re proud to have been able to support such an outstanding and professional competitor and to be able to call him part of the compLexity family.

Now, due to a permanent ban on his main Hearthstone account, Walton has decided to step back from Hearthstone and it’s competitive scene. After the ban went into effect both compLexity Gaming and Walton have taken steps to appeal the suspension, explaining the circumstances in all aspects, but the decision was upheld. We as an organization are sad to lose a valued competitor but also happy to announce that we will not lose such a talent from our ranks. Alchemixt has accepted our offer to remain part of the compLexity Gaming organization even after his card-slinging career. Over the next months he hopes to find a new passion within the gaming world and once more show his talent and dedication as a gamer.

Official Statement by Alchemixt

Hey everyone, this is Dan Walton or otherwise known as Alchemixt in the Hearthstone community. A few weeks ago my Hearthstone account was banned by Blizzard. I tried to submit multiple tickets stating my case and even had contact with some “higher ups” but the end result remained the same. I do not want to get into the small details because that will just lead to unnecessary drama, questions, and possible slander of my reputation. Instead, I will outline the basics for all of you.

  • Did I break any of Blizzard’s rules? – Yes

  • Did I do it intentionally? – No

  • Was I being malicious, seeking or inadvertently getting any sort of competitive advantage, or did I have any bad intentions? – No

I do understand why Blizzard has kept the ban, although I was hoping for some type of leeway given the situation. I always considered myself as one of the “Good Guys” in the Hearthstone community, being here since basically Day 1. I have written countless articles/guides on many different websites as well as creating a good amount of Video Series. I have never trash talked any of my opponents and always lost/won with grace and a good attitude. I believe that I had a great reputation amongst all the other pro players and I think they could confirm what I just said.

With all of that said, I will be retiring from Hearthstone. I do have the option to create a new account and go on from there but I just cannot see myself doing that after losing my account that I put so much time, money, and effort into ($2,000 + with mostly full golden collection). Hearthstone is still a great game and I wish everyone else the best of luck (you will need it: P). I want to thank compLexity Gaming for standing by me and helping me in any way possible. I also want to apologize to my recent subscribers that I was unable to finish my streaming challenge and will not be streaming Hearthstone anymore.

I do intend to continue streaming eventually and create YouTube videos/guides for other games such as upcoming MMORPG’s and maybe some Magic the Gathering (always played this game but obviously I have been mainly focused on Hearthstone).

May the elephants guide you and your DongHammers stay strong!


Stay tuned to Alchemisxt’s Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube to find out what comes next.