All I want for Christmas….

BY Andrew Miesner / December 18, 2009

With Christmas less than one week away, I decided to take a look around the internet, on some forums and IRC to see what some gamers are hoping to score via Santa’s big red bag. From games, to gear and to some novelty items, there are a few things to look at in this series.

Samsung 2233RZ

Making waves as one of the first 120hz LCDs on the market, many gamers have already embraced this monitor before the gift-giving season. The common theme among reviews of the monitor, is that any detractions from this monitor are more than made up for with having the performance that those of us still sporting CRTs are used to.

The other more interesting aspect to this monitor that accompanies the 120hz, is the potential for 3D-gaming. Already compatible with a lot of games, many users have been surprised just how well it has worked early in its life. At last count that I heard of, they were up to 350 compatible games.

If the 3D capabilities aren’t to your liking, or you’re just not interested in the extra cash that it takes, the 120hz performance of this monitor should be more than enough for the veteran gamer to want it.

Ultimate Gaming Chair

With this California-based company, the folks at Ultimate Gaming Chair Inc. have a few products for gamers to give them an immersive experience.

The first is the Free Play Game Pad, which acts as a portable option, for use with your existing PC chair or wherever you happen to place it. It features two headrest-mounted stereo speakers for your gaming and movie-watching pleasure. It also includes give “Game Sync’d” vibration motors that react to the action.

The other popular option is the v3 Recliners that they offer. As with the Free Play, this leather chair includes the headrest mounted speakers, but instead of five, includes 12 vibration motors. As guessed from the name, it also acts as a recliner, which makes it perfect for tossing in your living room or dorm room to utilize.

Both chairs are compatible with the Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, PC, Mac, Wii, iPod and your home theater system.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Having already made a record-breaking release, Modern Warfare 2 still tops many gamers list across the platforms it is available on. The Infinity Ward-developed game is the sixth installment in the series and has received plenty of excellent reviews.

While one highly-contested issue with the game is the lack of dedicated servers for multi-player play, that hasn’t stopped it from being immensely popular, and a gripping visual and tactical experience in gaming.

Most gift givers would do well to add this title to any gamer’s growing collection.

Tony Hawk Ride

In the current age of motion-sensing devices in the portable and gaming world, it probably comes as little surprise with this latest release in Tony Hawk’s branding arsenal.

Available on all console gaming platforms, Ride takes the skateboarding genre to a new level with a full-size skateboard-like controller, complete with sensors for a completely new gaming experience. Being able to perform ollies, grinds, manuals and the variety of flip tricks in a fairly intuitive manner has given new life to the skateboarding series.

For fans of the extreme sporting world, as well as current and past skateboarders, this makes an excellent and sought after gift.

The countdown is on with essentially six days until Christmas, and I might release more parts. Don’t see one of your wishlist items in here? Or know something that would make a great gift for your fellow gamers? Send me a message!