Alternate defeats Mousesports twice at KODE5

BY Andrew Miesner / March 29, 2009

Written by Jordan “analyze” Schultz

KODE5 is a huge event as most of you know. Mousesports were the favorites to come out on top in Germany. Their biggest challenge most would say was Alternate. Both Alternate and Mousesports made their way to the Upper Bracket finals, and played a hard fought match, but there has to be a winner. That winner was Mousesports, 16-12, shooting down Alternate to the loser’s bracket.

Alternate had a bit of hope, heart and spirit as they got thrown down to the loser’s bracket. They smashed up on TBH in the lower bracket final, and squeezed their way back up into the winner’s bracket for the grand finals. In this Grand final, Mousesports would only need one win to be declared victorious. On the other hand, Alternate needed two wins to move on to Moscow.

The first map was de_inferno, and it was set up to be a close match. Alternate taking matters into their own hands after a convincing win on de_inferno over Mousesports, 16-9. Moving into the last and final map, no team had an advantage now. Both teams were feeling the butterflies in their stomachs as the next map was de_train. Alternate came out on top on the knife round, and decided to go with CT side, as all would. CT is supposed to be the easier side on de_train, but Alternate gave up 7 rounds on CT which set them up for failure, or so you would think. Instead of getting down, they picked their heads up, and started fragging. Alternate ended up winning with a margin of 5, 16-11.

They will be attending KODE5-Moscow in May, and must be very pleased with their results. The fact they can come into the Grand Finals with their heads held high against a team they just lost to, shows what great strength they possess. Best of luck to Alternate as they prepare for Moscow, Russia.