Angel Munoz Interviewed

BY Andrew Miesner / October 28, 2009

Angel Munoz, founder of the CPL (Cyberathlete Professional League) sat down today with Legacy Gaming Network in an exclusive interview talking about the future of the CPL. In the interview, Munoz talks about the games he is currently playing and gives his thoughts on the new CPL currently being operated in Asia. You can read the full interview here.

Question: As everyone knows, you sold the CPL to an investment group from the United Arab Emirates in 2008, are you still involved with CPL operations or perhaps consulting? Is it still the same people running the CPL but under new ownership or has that changed?

Angel Munoz: The original plan was for me to be on the Board of Directors and for my company ( to retain a 10% interest in the new CPL, but that did not work out.  So now that CPL has moved its main operations to Asia, I will no longer retain my board chair or have any interest in the CPL. The new CPL has excellent management, advisors and partners, and honestly no longer need me to agree or disagree with their plans.

Question: Do you still follow the competitive PC gaming scene, and what are your thoughts on eSports’ current state? Where do you see eSports going?

Angel Munoz: I really don’t anymore.  I do like that so many organizations around the world have taken the original concept to such different levels.  It would seem that once the code is cracked on how to get the general masses involved as spectators it will really become a spectator sport.