Antimage Featured in ESEA Playing Toss

BY Andrew Miesner / April 24, 2011

One of the most valuable things to help amateur StarCrat II players improve is to pick the brain of other StarCraft II enthusiasts. Obviously not everyone gets to rub elbows with the SC2 elite, however thanks to ESEA and their newest edition of “Playing Toss with coL.Antimage #2” you can get the next best thing; a replay of a game plus a full walkthrough of every decision made by compLexity’s Antimage.

In this second edition of the series, Antimage walks you through the PvT game on Tal’darim Altar LE that put him into the Grandmaster League.

Antimage walks you through how to deal with a meching Terran player who also adds in some Banshees and Vikings by using Colossus and Stalkers.

If you’re a Protoss player, do yourself a favor and give this article a looks over. Chances are you’ll pick up on some subtle techniques that will really help your play come along.

Click here to view Playing Toss with Antimage #2