Arbalet Europe Groups Released

BY Andrew Miesner / May 11, 2010

The Arbalet organization has released the official groups for the European event that is scheduled to take place this upcoming weekend (May 14-16). Sixteen teams have been divided into 4 groups, making for an amazingly competitive event.

According to, groups A and B will be the first to play, while groups C and D will play later in the day. The top two teams from each group will advance to the second day where they will battle it out in a two group semi-final. From there, 4 teams will advance to the final day and the single elimination bracket.


Group A Group B Group C Group D
Natus Vincere  mousesports  SK Gaming fnatic 
mTw H2k Gaming  Evil Geniuses  Frag eXecutors 
MYM  compLexity  WeMade FOX  Ravens
Alternate PinG UNiTED forZe


More information can be found at the Arbalet site