Area 51 Calls It Quits

BY Andrew Miesner / June 3, 2010

Today, the Area 51 TF2 squad decided to call it in and quit this season of ESEA for good. After a very unsuccessful season of ESEA-I in the TF2 division, Area 51 held a record of 0-16. The players have left the roster and have decided to change the team name from Area 51 to “0-16” on their ESEA TF2 page, which can be found here.

In addition, the team has also opt-out of this season of CEVO as well, stating “were done with everything”. In a short interview on, Area 51’s leader and medic Len “CB” Talarico answered a few questions regarding the current status of the team and if they have future plans of returning to the competitive scene.

Hey, just a couple quick questions about the detag – you guys done for CEVO too? Or do you plan to finish out the season?

No, were done with everything.

Done for future seasons, too then? No reforming next season?

No our team is officially done for good.

Any plans to stay in TF2? For your or any of the guys?

I hope to be able to play next season, just depends on what happens in the off-season I guess. I’m not sure of any of the other guys plans.

Sorry for the dumb, obvious question but – any particular reason for the breakup?

When u lose 14 straight the game obviously isn’t going to be fun anymore – but more than that I wasn’t really happy from the beginning of the season when we lost cbear and stam. Things just never fell into place like they had the season before, and I just decided it was best to call it quits.

Source: ESEA News