Arenacast Tonight on CTN

BY Andrew Miesner / January 28, 2009

Tonight compLexiTV Network (CTN) is proud to bring you another episode of ArenaCast.

ArenaCast is a podcast featuring some of the biggest names today in World of Warcraft E-sports. Every Wednesday at 8 p.m. CST, four World of Warcraft nerds sit down and talk all things WoW.  Tonight’s show features new member’s of SK.WoW.

About the cast:

JP McDaniel — Host, Producer, and Editor of the show, JP McDaniel is a veteran e-sports journalist with work at GotFrag, Amped News, Gameriot, CGS, and more.

Keith ‘Igoaf’ Trahan — Keith is seasoned raider in WoW and a member of the well-known guild Nurfed. His shoutcasting debut at MLG Dallas in 2008 was welcomed by everyone in the community. He brings with him vast knowledge of the game.

Nathan ‘Kintt’ Quinn — Nathan is a proud member of Team Pandemic, who in 2007 won countless tournaments in WoW. Nathan is very well-known in the community and has experience shoutcasting at MLG events. His knowledge of the game is unrivaled.

Sam ‘oplaid’ Lingle — Sam is another veteran e-sports journalist, but also a professional gamer with wins in several games. Currently he is on Team Pandemic Team Fortress 2 team, who is undefeated in tournament play. Sam contributes his vast knowledge of general e-sports to the show.