Army Gaming Recruit Center Sued

BY Andrew Miesner / May 4, 2009

An Army Recruit Center in Philadelphia is being sued for “endangering the welfare of children”. The gaming center is for 13 year olds and above who are allowed to play war-like first person shooters all they want while learning about the army.

The Franklin Mills Mall in Northeast Philadelphia is being sued for luring children with video games and giving them the wrong idea of war.

Quote by Jesse Hamilton, an Iraq War Veteran: 

You can’t simulate the heat. You can’t you know the cries of people who are getting killed. You can’t simulate the noise when things are exploding around you.

He followed on by saying that any form of recruitement is positive but wants people to join for the right reasons, gaming not being one of them.

Rev. Bob Moore seen alongside the Coalition for Peace:

To try to deceive these young people to think it’s just like it is in the video games is unconscionable, it’s obscene.

The Army gaming center is however just a “test” but if it remains popular among recruits, you will be seeing more of these will be built around the country. The gaming center currently holds 60 Alienware stations where you can play Madden NFL 09, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2, Call of Duty 4 and America’s Army: True Soldiers.


Source: SK Gaming