Complexity: Genesis

Complexity Gaming is one of North America’s longest-standing and most successful esports organizations. We started this journey together with you, the fans, over 19+ years ago in 2003. Today, we bring you a new way to show off your Complexity fandom with our first ever digital collectible drop, Complexity Genesis! This drop is special because it signifies where we’ve been and where we’re going. In 2003, nobody could have predicted the ways esports would change in the years that followed. No matter how much esports continues to evolve, one thing will always remain the same: fans are the lifeblood of Complexity. This digital collectible is for you, our loyal fans.

How to Claim

  1. Head to the Complexity: Genesis drop on ARterra Labs
  2. Click “Claim”
  3. Create an account and the collectible will be yours!

Complexity Classics Collection

To celebrate Complexity’s 20th anniversary in 2023, we want to offer you the opportunity to own a piece of our storied past. The Complexity Classics Collection combines the most iconic moments, logos, and jerseys from the Complexity archives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is the underlying technology behind NFTs and cryptocurrencies. It is a highly specific, permanent, publicly accessible database. Every time new information is entered on a blockchain it creates a permanent record of that transaction and cannot be deleted, edited, or hidden.

What is an NFT?

An NFT, or non-fungible token, is an easily verifiable, unique digital asset. An NFT can be represented as videos, music, event tickets, and more. At ARterra Labs, NFTs are referred to as Digital Collectibles because they go way beyond profile picture collectibles.

What types of Digital Collectibles will I see on ARterra Labs?

ARterra Labs is focused on the Esports and Gaming Content Creation Community. ARterra Labs are hyper-focused on providing the best fan engagement possible for this fan base.

Is the only way to get Digital Collectibles to buy them?

Digital Collectibles can be earned by attending events, watching streams, and other methods by engaging the creator. Additionally, some Digital Collectibles can be claimed for free, while others may be purchased to support the creator.

How do I buy a Digital Collectible?

There are two ways to buy ARterra collectibles. Some teams or creators will have their marketplace on their website where fans can find collectibles. Or you can go to the ARterra Lab’s Marketplace that acts as an aggregate of all things built and distributed through the ARterra Labs tools. Digital Collectibles purchases with fiat (cash) are made via Stripe, a secure and widely used online payment platform.

Why would I want to own a Digital Collectible?

Digital Collectibles are a great way to demonstrate your passion for esports and gaming content creators! Additionally, ARterra Labs tools enable Digital Collectibles to provide fans with exclusive benefits specified by the creator, which may include early access, discounts, and more ways to engage with the creator and the community.

How do I know my Digital Collectible is authentic?

Ownership is recorded on the blockchain. This means that each collectible is immutable – permanent, and unable to be edited.

Can I transfer Digital Collectibles claimed or purchased on the Arterra Labs platform to my other wallets?

Not yet, but this functionality will be introduced in Q3. For more details, please see ARterra Labs’ future plans 

Is using ARterra Labs safe and secure?

ARterra Labs ensures that your account is safe by using high quality encryption to protect your account details and blockchain wallets. Fiat (cash) transactions are made through Stripe, a secure and widely used online payment platform. Additionally, ARterra Labs uses IP logging to detect and prevent suspicious activity, and two factor authentication (2FA) will add another layer of security in the first half of May.

As a feature, ARterra Labs will hold and manage users keys for them. This prevents potential attacks against users who aren’t experienced in managing their own keys, creating a seamless user experience. In an upcoming update advanced users will have the option to manage their own keys if they wish to.

Can my Digital Collectible lose value?

The value of digital collectibles can fluctuate over time. The value may go up, and it may go down or even lose its value altogether.

Is my Digital Collectible harmful to the environment?

ARterra Labs is an environmentally conscious company and as a result they built their technology on the NEAR Protocol, a “proof-of-stake” blockchain that is substantially more energy efficient than other platforms. A combination of this energy efficiency and carbon offsets makes NEAR Protocol a certified Climate-Neutral blockchain. With ARterra Labs, you are using more electricity to send emails than create and trade Digital Collectibles.

What is the roadmap for Complexity and ARterra Labs?

Complexity is working with ARterra Labs to create digital collectibles to allow our fans to demonstrate their fandom loudly and proudly by building their fan passport. Complexity wants to release digital collectibles that enable fans to earn rewards for their long term fandom using ARterra Labs tools. Stay tuned for more information on future drops and associated utility functions or join our discord channel to be a part of the development