Artosis joins Sixjaxgaming

BY Andrew Miesner / March 30, 2011

With out a doubt Dan ‘Artosis’ Stemkoski is one of the most recognizable figures in the StarCraft 2 scene. Living in Korea as a progamer for years, Artosis is currently shoutcasting for GOMtv’s Global StarCraft II League with longtime friend Nick ‘Tasteless’ Plott.

Today Sixjaxgaming announced that it has brought Artosis on to fill the roles of player as well as captain of its StarCraft II team. As team captain, Artosis will be in charge of scouting out talent and recruiting new players.


Months ago I interviewed Artosis and asked whether he thought of himself as a player or a commentator first. He responded, “Right now I realize I am seen as a commentator who plays, and that’s fine. In my head, I’m a player who commentates.” Through conversations we’ve had since then it has become very apparent that he wholeheartedly believes in himself to compete at the absolute highest levels and that his talent is something he is eager to show off.


Despite being picked up by a new team, Artosis made sure to mention that he has no plans of leaving commentating behind.

What is interesting about this news is that, earlier today Artosis’s friend and co-caster Tasteless announced that he was leaving his current team Evil Geniuses. Obviously one would assume that these two will be teaming up both as casters and as players.

Be sure to watch the NASL, which kicks off next week so you can cheer on Artosis along with compLexity’s CrunCher and Stalife.