B2B gets Loaded

BY Andrew Miesner / August 14, 2009

After recently parting ways with the Back2Back organization, a similar roster is now joining Loaded. The team will be competing in CEVO-P and ESEA-I. They will also be attending lans in the near future that they see fit for the squad.

“Loaded has been actively seeking a Counter-Strike 1.6 team for the past few weeks. We found the pre-existing Back 2 Back team and decided to make a few roster changes. This is a great opportunity for us, the North American gaming community, and our sponsors. With the support of our sponsors, we will provide the necessary tools for this team to compete at the highest level both online and at LAN events.” – Brandon Freytag, CEO of Loaded LLC

“Loaded is definitely not just another ordinary gaming organization so we are happy to have the opportunity to represent them. Our team will be competing in ESEA-I, CEVO-P, and LAN events as we see fit. Look forward to our team making a mark in the North American CS scene soon and hopefully internationally in the future.” – David “zid” Chin, Player of Loaded

Loaded 1.6:

Nazar ‘naz’ Vynnytsky
David ‘zid’ Chin
Ric ‘iNERTiA’ Bundy
Matt ‘Lim’ Beahan
Michael ‘chE’ Guevara