Backfire add Xp3 and Adrenaline

BY Andrew Miesner / September 21, 2010

Backfire have decided to release Daniel “impsta” Whaley and Jaryd “SUMMIT” Lazar. They are being replaced with Paul “ADRENALINE1g” Baker and former coL player David “Xp3” Garrido.

Backfire was very impressive two weeks ago at WCG USA Nationals, where they were able to finish 3rd. They knocked out Loaded in Group Play, and beat WinOut 16-2 in the Semi-Finals.

Backfire is currently competing in ESEA-Main and is preparing for IEM.


I played with nettik and tyson in Backfire back when CEVO was just starting and I always enjoyed playing with them. I stayed friends with them outside of the game so playing with them was an easy decision. That decision was even easier knowing I’d be playing with two of my old loaded teammates in Xp3 and djibouti. The atmosphere of the team is good and we all have fun competing together. I like this team a lot because the hunger is still there for all of us.” – Paul “ADRENALINE1g” Baker


Backfire 1.6:

Michael “NETT1K” OBrien
Cody “NOSYT” Tyson
Anthony “DJIBOUTI” Manosca
Paul “ADRENALINE1g” Baker
David “Xp3” Garrido

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