Bar Fights Movie Available for Download

BY Andrew Miesner / December 21, 2011

Relive the hype of Bar Fights, one of the most innovative and exciting events of the year!  Cross Counter TV brings you some of the best Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 matches that we’ve seen since the game’s release.  If you missed the stream or weren’t able to attend, this is your chance to experience a whole new type of event. 

About Bar Fights

Bar Fights is a spectator-friendly event for the community to enjoy, sponsored by Sound Blaster, presented by compLexity and put together by Cross Counter TV.  Some of the best players in the country are matched up in exhibition and grudge matches, showcasing some of the best talent in the business.

Featured Matches:

  • coL.CC.Mike Ross vs. FC.Jago
  • coL.CC.Combofiend vs. MCZ.MRN.Marn
  • coL.CC.Filipino Champ vs. EG.Justin Wong
  • UVG.Noel Brown vs. Knives (surprise challenge)
  • EG.fLoE vs. Box.Viscant
  • Fanatiq vs. BT.Clockw0rk
  • UVG.Noel Brown vs. TTF.DiosX
  • SHGLBMX vs. Box.Steinmania ($500 Beyond Gaming Bonus)

Bonus Features Not Included on the Stream

  • Player coach commentary tracks
  • Pre-game interviews with gootecks
  • More camera angles
  • Player Coach and Commentary Tracks

Two separate audio tracks are provided for a more engaging viewer experience!  Listen to James Chen and UltraDavid provide their knowledge and insight on the players and the matches or switch to the exclusive players’ coaches commentary to hear exactly what the players and the coaches were saying to each other during and between games.  You get to feel like you’re on stage with the players and get to hear exactly how the coaches guide the players to victory. 

We recommend VLC ( to play the video because it’s easy to switch commentary tracks.  Just go to Audio -> Audio Track to switch.

Technical Details

Format: H.264 MP4
Length: 2 Hours, 41 Minutes
Size: 4.37 GB total (2 files)
Resolution: 1280 x 720



Download Bar Fights between 12/18/11 and 12/24/11 and get entered to win a SIGNED poster from the event! This 11×14″ collectible is one of only 30 made and probably the only one in existence with signatures from most of the players including Mike Ross, Combofiend, Filipino Champ and Justin Wong.

Bar Fights is available for downloaded for $9.99 via the CrossCounterTV store!