BioShock 2

BY Andrew Miesner / April 23, 2009

Just two years after the release of the first BioShock, it is back again. Yet some skeptics believe that this game can in no way top the first release. But dont tell that to the new creative director Jordan Thomas who may have a few words to say on the games behalf. During the hour long demo and interview he shows us that the game will bring nightmarish new characters and explains how the game will “humanize” them. He shows us bizarre new areas of Rapture and explains why the player will be desperate to explore them. Also, he shows us a frantic new combat and explains how no two fights will be alike.

Q: Would you kindly? No. This time, you are in control.

A: Jordan Thomas, Creative Director: In BioShock 2, our thesis statement is ‘trust the player.’ We’re going to give you more agency to shape your own role in the narrative and more of an ability to sculpt your identity in a gameplay sense as well.”

The subtext of the first game put us in a position of needing to afford the player greater free will. This time around, you make pretty strong, key decisions at various points that no other character can, related to the fates of not only the Little Sisters but of new characters… human, unspliced characters that you get to spend direct time with. The way in which you treat them changes the way in which the story resolves.


Source: GamesRadar