wins WCG Canada

BY Andrew Miesner / August 28, 2009

This weekend, WCG Canada will be taking place at Fan Expo held in Toronto, Canada. The winner will represent Canada at the WCG Grand Finals in Chendu, China., NoPression, and CC+ have been chosen to be the four teams that battle for this honor.

The tournament will be played out of a round robin followed by best-of-three semi finals & grand finals. HLTV information will be posted here when it is confirmed.

Grand Finals > NoPression
Score: 2-0

Semi Finals

coL <
Score: 1-2

Round Robin < NoPression
Score: 8-22 > CC+
Score: 16-14 = CC+
Score: 15-15

NoPression vs CC+
Sat, 1:30PM EST

NoPression vs
Sat, 3:00PM EST vs
Sat, 4:30PM EST