Blizzard Introduces Milestones in 1.3

BY Andrew Miesner / March 22, 2011

As we have already reported earlier, Blizzard just released patch 1.3.0 for StarCraft II today. Aside from bringing some balance tweaks, bug fixes and general updates to, patch 1.3.0 also locks the leagues and brings about the end to Season 1. With the end of Season 1, Blizzard is integrating a new “season-based reward system known as milestones.”


Now, you might be asking yourself “What are milestones?” Milestones are seasonal rewards that will be provided to ladder players in all of our StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty leagues. Each league will have four notable milestones. Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master leagues will have milestones for the top 100, top 50, top 25, and top 8 players in each league division. For Grandmaster, milestones will be awarded to the top 200, top 100, top 50, and top 16 players. These milestones will each have their own unique icon representing the league in which the milestone was earned and the actual milestone achievement.”


The way milestones are awarded is relatively simple. As mentioned above, all leagues and divisions are now locked. You will have one week to play out whatever remains in your bonus pool. Once this one-week “bonus pool” period ends, all leagues and ladders will be finalized. With everyone locked into a specific league and rank, Blizzard will then award milestones based on the requirements listed above. According to Blizzard, this will be the standard practice for when future seasons of SCII end.

To get the offical word on milestones, click here.