Blizzard Releases Gear List

BY Andrew Miesner / February 18, 2009

Blizzard has just announced the items that will be available to competing players in the 2009 World of Warcraft Arena Tournament. Tier 7 and a few unexpected non-set options for gear was the obvious choice for use in this years event, however some people are not so thrilled with this outcome. 

Below is an exerpt from the FAQ in regards to Arena gear choice:

What epic gear will be available?

Characters will have access to full sets of Arena armor and weapons, as well as items purchased with Honor such as the PvP trinkets. In addition, a selection of raid epics with the approximate power level of the Arena gear will also be available.

Why is the gear for the Arena Tournament realm not equivalent to the level of gear on the live realms?

We have chosen a large selection of epic gear for our participants to ensure a competitive playing field. For the sake of consistency, items on the tournament realm will not always be able to correspond to the level of gear on the live realms.

With the high-damage output of these weapons, the stats you obtain and the overall improvement of gameplay that the competitors have experienced since they’re last time in this event, you can bet that this will be a tournament to not miss. More details to follow, stay tuned.