Blizzard Wants Your Input

BY Andrew Miesner / March 4, 2009

As Blizzard puts the final touches on Diablo III they want your input for a Diablo II patch. Blizzard has posted on their forums asking anyone for some ideas that they would like to see implemented into Diablo II. While Blizzard will only implement one of the ideas given to them they still would like to see posts from everybody.

For you Diablo players out there, I suggest you head on over and see if Blizzard will want to use your idea for their Diablo II ver 1.13 patch. Some ideas Blizzard has currently received are things like Stat and Skill Respec and the Nerfing of some skills.

If you would like your voice heard by Blizzard head on over to the official forums. Diablo II 1.13


Source: Kotaku