BLOG: Swindlemelonzz’s coL.Dota Update

BY Andrew Miesner / February 12, 2015

By Kyle ‘swindlemelonzz’ Freedman (Captain – coL.Dota)

Hey world,

So, not much has changed since the last blog. The team is still coming together, we’re not 100% sure what our roster will be, but there has been improvement and a couple developments. At the very least, Zak, Limmp, and myself will all be moving into a teamhouse in the northeast US in early March. At the moment we are playing with Mynuts and ixmike88 as our second support and offlaner, and depending on our results and feelings over the next couple weeks they may join us there as well. No matter what, compLexity will have five players in a house by the end of the upcoming month.

One of my core beliefs about DotA is that if you really want to succeed, gathering together in one location is the best way to do it. Most players don’t share this viewpoint, and I can understand the reasons why. In the pro scene it’s not uncommon to simply have teammates, not friends. Just because you play with someone for a year or two doesn’t necessarily mean you’d make the best roommates. Our team is a little unique because we’ve known each other for so long, and already spent much time together offline (I mean Zak’s my brother, and I’ve been playing with Limmp for nearly three years now). There’s just so many benefits to being in a house; you share the same schedule (a big issue for us at the moment, with Europeans and USE players), have less wasted time, spend far more time on replay review and strategy discussion, among other benefits.

There are many teams gearing up for a run at TI through the NA qualifiers, and while I can’t guarantee we’ll beat them all, I am a hundred percent certain we will outwork each one of them thoroughly. We’ll see what happens from here.