Brad Dick Retires

BY Andrew Miesner / November 16, 2010

Brad Dick, the owner and founder of Eximius Sports has decided to call it quits after 12 years of managing the organization. Brad had this to say about his retirement:


After twelve years (1998-2010), of being the owner of Eximius Sports, I regretfully announce that I will be shutting the doors of the organization and I will be retiring from E-Sports managing. It has been a great run for the organization and me. I have had hundreds of people come through Eximius Sports and have met many people. I have had the privilege and opportunity to attend countless LAN Tournaments and dozens of appearances for E-Sports. The people that I have met have made a big impact in my life; life is all about relationships and I feel that I have established many. To all of those who I have met, it was an honor to have met you.

It is hard to believe that Eximius Sports first started out as a public server clan in 1998. I never would have thought it would grow to what it became. We may not have been the greatest North American organization, but the one thing I always tried to stand for was honesty. My theme has always been, “Never offer something that you do not already have.” Most of you know that money does not grow on trees, nor did it in Eximius Sports. We never had the $100,000 a year contracts with DeLL or Creative, we had smaller ones with multiple companies who stood by us through thick and thin for over ten years. To those companies I say thank you for your trust in me and the organization.

I have always tried to set a good example for my players in Eximius Sports and the average gamer. I always tried to talk, act, and dress as if they were coming to a business for an interview. I believe I was not only making them feel confident in the organization, but I was trying to prepare some of these younger people for life. If I helped just one person in the way I conducted myself, well then I succeeded. Some of my greatest joys in my twelve years was getting the chance to see young players move into the E-Sports spotlight as one of the greats. Not many people can say they have watched a new generation of gamers move through the industry. It makes me smile to say that I was one of the few, but makes me even happier to know that there are still people like Jason Lake, Alex Conroy, Craig Levine and Scott Smith are still here for you.


The full retirement letter can be found by clicking here.