ButtonBashers acquires TROJAN

BY Andrew Miesner / January 11, 2010

Yesterday the ButtonBashers organization announced that they have acquired team TROJANS to represent them in the Counter-Strike 1.6 division. Each member of the team has a unique history coming from teams such as Team Dignitas and CoolMasters. After their recent win over team Dignitas at WiredOut Lan, the team successfully secured their spot for ButtonBashers. The team is currently competing in ESL Amateur and feel confident that they will advance to Pro series.

Also with the likes of World Cyber Games and ESWC coming up in 2010, it is a great pleasure to have such a talented team under the Buttonbashers name.

The current ButtonBashers Counter-Stike 1.6 lineup is:

Simon “bomber” Potter
Ali “faken” Cole
Erin “JungleboY” Teucher
Daniel “punt” Dougherty
Talha “taLz” Ahmad
Kye “kye” Moule

Daniel ‘punt’ Dougherty had this to say about his team joining ButtonBashers:

We’re delighted to be joining such a world class organisation like ButtonBashers. The opportunity to represent ButtonBashers in events in the UK and Internationally was one we could not let pass by. We’d like to thank ButtonBashers for allowing us to have this opportunity and hopefully now we can compete with the best teams in Europe.

Dale ”cutch” Mcutcheon,  manager of ButtonBashers made a statement about the new Counter-Strike 1.6 team: 

Counter Strike 1.6 is always a game I have been ‘eager’ to enter into, especially with such a talented team as TROJAN. As soon as we were in talks with Daniel, I really had a good feeling and especially with the potential they have, here at Buttonbashers we are excited to move forward with the team.