C3 Interview: Team Exigent

BY Andrew Miesner / February 20, 2009

The next team in our C3 interview series is Team Exigent!

First, thanks very much for sitting down with us.  Please tell us a bit about Exigent and its history.  Who are some of your players and how did the team come together?  What league and LAN experience do you have?
Exigent was started by Taylor (PainUser) Parsons as a natural selection team that quickly grew to a multi-gaming orginization with CS 1.6, DOD, and DOTA. Exigent had known 1.6 teams such as viGor, ROA, d2x, and Mrev. Our current players including myself have all played through CAL-premier/invite, and participated in big lan tournies such as x3o, gamesense, gamers-x, clicknconnect, and buy.com. We have a long history of great teams and this new line up will follow the winning footsteps of those past teams.

As a dedicated gamer, what is your take on the professional scene?  Is it difficult to get recognized?
The professional scene in 1.6 has been very inconsistent the last year or so. Now with the death of CGS we can look forward to a lot more competition in 1.6 as 2009 looks to be the year for it to shine. As a lot a of new faces are on the rise and lot of “old-schoolers” have returned to mix things up. It will be a very exciting year as we look forward to it just like everyone else involved.

Yes, not only does it take a dedicated organization to make it to the top, but also you need the chemistry whether it be in or out of game. It also takes the right timing and a little bit of luck and politics. To get better at this game you have to play better teams, and that isn’t always the easiest to do when you aren’t recognized as a “top tier” team.

What are your goals as a gamer?  Are you primarily playing for fun or would you like to see some type of reward for your hard work?
I originally started playing this game for the fun, and to this day I still have fun. As of now our main goal is to improve daily as a team and individually which in turn should produce winning results. As we all know losing isn’t fun, so naturally we want to win.

It would always be pleasing to be rewarding for playing a video game. We would be lying if we said that we wouldn’t like to be rewarded and travel around the world while making a living playing the game we all love. This very moment though I believe we are content with competing against high level teams and striving to become better. That isn’t to say we wouldn’t love being rewarded for doing what we do. I believe everyone wishes that they could be rewarded or make a living doing the things they enjoy.
Who are some of the players you look up to in gaming?  Who’s style is most like your own?
Just a few to name off the top;
Potti, HeatoN, BDS, NEO, Gore, 3D/Torbull.
I watch a lot of Gore POV’s, so I guess ill go with him 😉
Why did you enter C3?  What would it mean to you and your team to be a part of the compLexity organization?
Exigent strives to be the best in whatever we do, so when the opportunity arose to be involved with such an opportunity we just couldn’t turn it down. I think any Counter-Strike player would be honored to represent the compLexity organization. I’m confident enough to say Exigent is up to the challenge.
Thanks very much for your time.  Any final thoughts, comments or shoutouts?
First off, thank you to the compLexity organization for its passion for the counter-strike community. Without coL opportunities like this would never be possible.  I’d like to thank our sponsors eSports-hosting.com, #famenetworks and last but not least hostile-faction.