CAL Season 3

BY Andrew Miesner / January 7, 2009

CAL has opened its doors for their 3rd season of TF2 play!

In a recent press release from Cyber Athlete Amateur League, TF2 Season 3 registration for 6v6 and 8v8 play is open to the community. Preseason is expected to start before the end of January but that depends on how quickly teams register for the season and leaders squaring off their players. If you are clan less or looking for that 5th player to finalize your roster, visit the TF2 forums and make a post quickly!
We have opened team registration for 8s and 6s today. We are expecting to start preseason before the end of the month, but that will greatly depend on how quickly teams get signed up and get their rosters squared away.

“If you need a team or your team is looking for members, head over to the message board and make a post to attract someone’s interest in you or your team.”

For more information about the CAL TF2 Season 3 registration visit their TF2 section.