Caption Contest Voting!

BY Andrew Miesner / February 13, 2009

With the launch of our new galleries came our newest Caption Contest, sponsored by Creative.  There were hundreds of entries and after taking a good bit of time to review them, we present your finalists:


viper #16

“Dear god this coffee is bad, ugh i gotta smile for the camera cause thats what the cgs is paying for….”


dreads #52

“Did he just call me the kid with the purse”


mad_shef #64

“Digits or die.. you choose”


mad_shef #74

“Oh dude I forgot to put my pants on.. just act cool and hope they dont notice.”


slackx #82

“Guess who just farted”


scruff #113

“Michael Jackson told me something else.”


creamsoda #197

“Damn, I think I actually peed a little just now.”


jampack714 #202

“OK guys these are the monitors you will be using for the CGS season. I know they look old but they all get 100HZ and that’s all that matters!”


tekNinja #205

“Shout outs to my homies on xbox live; Keep it gangsta”


1st- Fatal1ty USB Gaming Headset

2nd- Fatal1ty Gaming Headset

3rd- Fatal1ty Gaming Headset


 (The poll is set to automatically close in 5 days.  Once it closes we’ll announce the winners.)

You can pick your favorite one and vote HERE.  Thanks to all who entered and thanks to Creative for running the contest!