CatZ in One Nation of Gamers Invitational

BY Andrew Miesner / January 24, 2012

Today One Nation of Gamers, an American BarCraft Network, announced a new online StarCraft II tournament featuring 16 of the world’s best players as well as $3,000 in prize money. Dubbed the One Nation of Gamers Invitational, the tournament will run this weekend (Jan 28th-29th) and will start off with a four-player group stage. After the group stage the tournament will progress into the standard playoff bracket.

The real draw of this tournament is the player list. One Nation of Gamers really pulled out all the stops inviting tons of fan-favorites including: Stephano, Sheth, Kas, Sase, Rotterdam, LuckyFool, Destiny, Violet, InControl, Boyo, Pokebunny, Tyler, Flo, Illusion, Machine, and of course compLexity’s very own CatZ.

To see all the action, tune into at 19:00 CET (1:00 PM EST). Commentary will be provided by Mr.Bitter.