cbteam No More

BY Andrew Miesner / May 14, 2010

After the merger of the Oslo Lions lineup and existing cbteam players in early 2010, the team has announced that they are no longer together and are officially marked “dead.” Their spokeman had this to say to HLTV.org:


It is always sad to see the end of a team, no matter how long or short it has existed.  When cbteam first started, i was like a child, thinking we might have an international top team from Norway again. And through its time, cbteam showed some truely great results online.

When the team failed to attend The Gathering, I – aswell as many others started to get a bad feeling. The hopes stayed up, but when we realised the deal with 4Kings was drowned, it seemed like the end. And it probably was.

I will keep hoping for a new topteam – and with kalle and tacky leaving for Lions, I hope they can make it.


Prior to the announcement, cbteam was:

Sondre “REAL” Svanevik
Preben “prb” Gammelsæter
Tommy “syrtekz” Skoglund


Source: HLTV.org